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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

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About Our College

Success is the ultimate goal of one’s life and education plays a vital role in this regard. Better education always provides a person with better opportunities to make a worthy career. A need of excellent qualification is felt when you enter this world of competition.

So we aim to provide an opportunity to all students in the vicinity and bring about a meaningful transformation in the lives of youth by giving them qualitative education. Thus, HARDA DEGREE COLLEGE is committed to provide numerous career oriented graduation and post graduation courses to choose from Science, Commerce and Computers, Arts, Social Work and Education for last 20 years. Currently the college is one of the best colleges in the city.



Harda Degree College is an institute with permanent affiliation from Barkatullah University (Bhopal)

Education Services

Harda Degree College was established by Janakibai Memorial Education Society


Getting involved in an extracurricular club could be one of the highlights of your time on campus. Our clubs could plug you into a national network of like-minded groups, individuals, and possibly even future employers.

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Harda Degree College University Merit List

 (1) Mani Chawla B.Com.(73.6%) University  2nd  Rank in (2006-07)

 (2) K. Uttara Galgalekar B.Com.(75.4%) University  3rd  Rank in (2007-08)

 (3) K. Shweta Paliwal B.Com.(74.5%) University  4th  Rank in (2007-08)

 (4) K. Pooja Ghavri B.Sc.(81.8%) University  1st  Rank in (2008-09)

 (5) K. Shilpa Lokwani B.Com.(77%)  3rd  Rank in (2008-09)

 (6) K. Ekta Agarwal B.Com.(80.4%) University  1st  Rank in (2009-10)

 (7) K. Ankita Agarwal B.Com.(74.9%) University  10th  Rank in (2009-10)

 (8) K. Varsha Kulkarni M.Sc.comp.Sc.(89.2%) University  1st  Rank in (2010-11)

 (9) K. Divya Bansal M.Sc.Comp.Sc.(86%) University  4th  Rank in (2010-11)

 (10) K. Amrin Fatima BCA (82.6%) University  9th  in (2010-11)

 (11) K. Pooja Lokwani B.Com.(81%) University  5th  Rank in (2011-12)

 (12) K. Pooja Jha B.Com.(80.36%) University  Ninth Rank in (2011-12)

 (13) K. Prachi Agarwal M.Sc.Biotechnology(88.69%) University  2nd  Rank in (2011-12

 (14) K. Sushma Kushwaha M.Sc.Biotechnology(88.38%) University  4th  Rank in (2011-12

 (15) K. Nikhat B. M.Sc.Microbiology(81.23%) University  3rd  Rank in (2011-12)

 (16) K. Twinkle Purushwani B.Com.  (79.29%)  2nd  Rank in (2014-15)

 (17) K. Ashita Saraf B.Sc.  Computer Sci.  (79.76%) University  4th Rank in(2014-15)

 (18) Ku. Abha Kashyap M.Com.  (79.47%)  1st  Rank in (2016-17)

 (19) K. Twinkle Purushwani M.Com.  (79.24%)  2nd  Rank in (2016-17)

 (20) K. Mehak Bafna B.Com.  (77.89%)  2nd  Rank in (2016-17)

 (21) K. Rashmi Muralia B.Com.  (77.82%)  1st  Rank in (2017-18)

 (22) K. Uma Thackeray B.A.  (77.79%)  4th  Rank in (2017-18)

 (23) Prateek Agarwal M.Sc.  (Computer Sci.) (75.38%) University  5th   Rank in (2017-18)

 (24) K. Radhika Sharma B.C.A.  (77.05%) University  1st Rank in (2018-19)

 (25) K. Shalini Panwar M.Sc.  (Microbiology) (84.15%) University  2nd  Rank in (2018-19)

 (26) K. Ayushi Paliwal M.Sc.  (Microbiology) (83.65%) University  3rd  Rank in (2018-19)

 (27) K. Muskan Jain M.Sc.  (Microbiology) (83.5%) University  4th  Rank in (2018-19)

 (28) K. Priya Jain M.Sc.  (Computer Sci.) (78.05%) University  5th  Rank in (2017-18)

 (29) Mani Chawla B.Ed.  (87.66%)  2nd  Rank in (2018-19)

Self Development

Why choose HDC?

Harda Degree College is conveniently located in the city. Our qualified faculty are focused on the academic excellence of the students. We organize various cultural and social programs for the holistic development of the students and nurture the talent of NSS and NCC students. Which help them to grow personally and professionally. Teachers have a strong relationship with students at HDC. Apart from this we focus on inculcating values ​​in our students and making them better human beings.

Self Development

The College committed to excellence and learning, made a humble beginning in 2000 in three rooms with a meager strength of 36 students. This initial strength of 36 students has today risen to approx 1900 students and a four floor TWO separate buildings for Life Science and other courses situated in front of Collector bungalow with a campus of approx 60000 sq. ft. identifying the college with a remarkable images, in a short span of only 14 years.


HDC is a hub for dedicated, talented, experienced teachers who motivate and energize the students to achieve the best. The faculty members are top class with extensive real life work experience in the work place.

Alumni Feedback

  • I have been a student of Harda Degree College since 2010-2015. Along with good studies I have participated and enjoyed many other things like sports, functions, and cultural activities here too. I just love & respect my HDC family.

    B.Sc. 2013, M.Sc. (CS) 2015

    Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank, Khandwa


    Rimpal Agrawal
    Assistant Branch Manager
  • मुझे हरदा डिग्री कॉलेज ने बहुत सहयोग दिया है। वहाँ के टीचर्स में मुझे हमेशा अपने दोस्त नजर आये, जिन्होंने हमेशा मुझे मेरे कैरियर को लेकर मार्गदर्शित किया। जिस वजह से आज मैं अपने सपने पूरे कर सका हूँ। मैंने कॉलेज में संचालित NCC इकाई के सपोर्ट से ही इंडियन आर्मी में जॉब हासिल की है।

    B.Com. 2012

    Posted at Andaman Nicobar

    Nitesh Gurjar
    General Duty ( Indian Army )
  • I would like to express my gratitude towards Harda Degree College and teachers for guiding me throughout the life I also feel thankful and express my kind gratitude towards our Director Mr. Sinhal Sir for mentoring me.

    B.B.A.. 2012

    Posted at Harda

    Krishankant Sharma
    Probationary Officer ( Bank of Baroda )
  • I feel Proud to say that ‘I am from HDC FAMILY’. This college helped me in growing my personal as well as professional career. I am very thankful to My Director Sir, Director Madam & all my Faculty Members ( Academic Team)  and all Other  departments for supporting me in my academics and other things and  for their guidance, love and blessings. At last this HDC has some Magic.

    B.Com 2007 B.Ed 2019

    Secured IInd Rank  in University Merit B.Com (2006-07) B.Ed (2018-19).

    Mr Mani Chawla
    Principal at JTKEMS, Nashik
  • “Harda Degree College”, these three words still strike me in a joyful manner. I am fortunate that l joined this college for my Bachelor’s in Computer Application. It provides an excellent education through its well qualified and experienced teachers. The regular practical classes helped me to develop my technical skills and extra-curricular activities has enhanced my soft skills. Here, I not only got the education, but also got a new life to live & right path for my career.

    BCA 2013

    Income Tax Department

    Posted at Mumbai

    Shubham Gour
    Tax Assistan
  • Harda Degree College gives you exposure and immense opportunities in whatever areas, field you are passionate about. The bond that is built in the college does not stop at helping in courses, but it surely helps you better as a person and will help you to grow as a professional. I personally can say

    that my career as well as my life has grown from the learning provided by the

    faculty of this college. I would

    say that joining this college was

    one of my best decisions.

    B.Com. 2011

    CA Ravi Agrawal
    Chartered Accountant
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