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  • Students are to submit themselves to the rules and regulations in force made by Dept. of Higher Education M.P. Govt., Barkatullah University, and the College Management.
  • The students are expected to maintain discipline so that normal decorum of the college is not disturbed.
  • Students are to dress up properly, strictly observing the norms of decency, and suitable for academic environment.
  • No person is to be invited to address or entertain the students without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • All notices must be displayed with authorized signature and with prior approval of the principal.
  • Students must read the notices put up on the notice board of the college carefully and regularly. The College shall not be responsible for any loss/damage incurred by the students owing to failure to read the notices in time.
  • As per Honorable Supreme Court Order dated 27/11/2006, ragging in any form is an offence and is not allowed within or outside of the college premises.
  • No personal letters or phones are to be directed to the College address.
  • According to M.P. University Act 1973 Ordinance No. 6, minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in Theory and practical subjects. Students failing to the same can be detained from the final examination.
  • Since the results of both CCE examinations are included in the University mark sheet, the Guardian and the student will be responsible if the child remains absent from, thereby losing one calendar year.
  • Student behavior is expected to be humble with Teachers, staff and co students.
  • Use of Mobile phones is strictly restricted in class & college campus. Mobile Phones can be overtaken, if found guilty.
  • Any student, if found guilty of damaging the College property, equipments, furniture, fittings etc will be heavily fined.
  • No students are allowed to perform such works, which can harm the reputation of college.
  • Each student is provided with an Identity Card which should be brought to College everyday. The card should be presented whenever asked by college authorities or security.
  • Bringing outsiders in the college campus is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Two Wheelers are to be parked at the stand provided. Student’s four Wheelers are not allowed in college campus.


According to M.P. University act of 1973 ordinance 7, on breaking the discipline or misbehaving in the college, Principal and Management of College has the power to take disciplinary action against such students can be as follows:

  • Can be suspended from classes.
  • Can be rusticated from college.
  • Can be detained from appearing in the Final examination.
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