B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science B. Sc. (CS) is a three years undergraduate program that aims to create quality professionals and research fellows who can work in every sector of the world by implementing the technology of computer systems and software.

Eligibility Criteria:

A student should have passed Higher Secondary (10+2) in Science with Mathematics from any recognized board with minimum 33% of marks in aggregate.

Duration of Program:

It is a three year full time course which trains the students with the theoretical foundations of information and computation, and the practical methods of implementation and application in computer systems.

Job Prospects:

>> Software Development Companies, Security and Surveillance Companies

>> System Maintenance, Technical Support, Mainframe, Security & Surveillance

>> Traffic Light Management, Project Manager, Server/ Networking Trainee

>> Graphics, Multimedia, Website Design, Game Designing, Testing, and Development

>> Computer Programmers, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrator

>> Computer Support Service Specialist, Computer Presentation Specialist

>> Chief Information Officer, BPO, Commercial, and Industrial Designers

>> Information Systems Manager, Software Developers, Software Publishers

>> Banks, Consultancies, Financial Institutions, E-Commerce Executive

>> Computers and Related Electronic Equipment Manufacturers, Systems Administrators

>> Government Agencies, Schools and Colleges, Independent Consultants

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