B.Sc. (Seed Technology)

In Seed Science & Technology, students are taught the growth and the formation of seeds from the process of fertilization of the egg cell on the maternal plant as long formation of a new plant from the seed takes seed. M.Sc. in Seed Science & Technology is a two years long course which is divided into four semesters.
In this course, students are taught the theoretical study of seed growth. It also elaborates the different methods of controlling and evaluating seed materials. The study of M.Sc. in Seed Science and Technology is also connected to the study of biochemistry, botany, other biological sciences and genetics. By studying this course, students will cover the seed technology and production, advanced methods and routine of seed testing, plant breeding and genetics, pomological, molecular biology, seed biology, ornamental nursery production, seed pests and diseases, seed biology, landscape architecture, extension in the seed industry
Bachelor of Science – Seed Science & Technology Course in India
Degree – B.Sc – Bachelor of Science
Major – Seed Science & Technology
Duration – 3 Years
Type – UG
Eligibility-10+2 or Equivalent

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